Clinician’s eLearning Course for Oral PrEP

In by Erica Chin

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This eLearning course is for practicing clinicians around the globe who currently have a client population at high-risk for contracting HIV and provide or will provide Oral PrEP or Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP)The course has four interactive lessons and begins with identifying suitable candidates for Oral PrEP use. It then continues with initiating Oral PrEP in a client and special situations you may encounter. It concludes with key counseling strategies including minimization of PrEP stigma.  

The course features a series of rich-media, interactive modules that incorporate mini lectures, knowledge checks, and a pre- and post-test. The course will also include resources, a glossary, and narration transcripts. Please use the WHO Oral PrEP Implementation Tool App as a supplementary resource to this course. It contains a Creatinine Clearance Calculator that aids in calculating an individual’s creatinine clearance as part of determining their eligibility for PrEP. 

Before completing this course, you should be familiar with: 

  • Using a computer, tablet, and/or cellular phone, an electronic keyboard, and mouse 
  • Comprehending written and spoken English 

After completing the eLearning course, you should be able to: 

  • Manage Oral PrEP services in accordance with information in the WHO Implementation Tool for Oral PrEP 

Please be sure to take the pre-test at the end of the Course Introduction. Completion of the pre-test is required before being able to move forward with the lesson quizzes, post-test, and to receive the final course certificate.